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Frequently Asked Questions & Information 

What makes your technique different from your competitors?

We have seen, over the years, many ways cabinets are finished. Brushing and rolling cabinets is a method generally used by other refinishing services. WRFM does not use this method at all. We spray cabinets using only the best guns and products on the market. This is what gives us our quality reputation.

Where is the sanding and spraying done?

We spray cabinet doors and drawers in our shop, and we spray the boxes in your home.

Do you use harmful or harsh chemicals?

No. None of the chemicals we use are oil-based or harmful. We use the finest water based materials to finish your cabinets. All of our processes are safe and durable, unlike many of our competitors.

Is the Lacquer process basically paint on cabinets?

We don't use paints on any of our lacquer processes. We use cabinet finish grade lacquer. You would be surprised how many companies use wall paint with no polyurethane protective coat as a final finish for cabinets. Lacquer gives your cabinets durability. 

Wood Restoration of Fort Mill will gladly supply MSDS (Material Safety Data) Sheets on all the products we use in your home.  

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